Who Could Possibly Resist Lynn Tilton?

I love reading stories about how business builders overcome obstacles and create profit in their companies. I particularly love to read about women who refuse to be constrained.

Last year, private-equity chief Lynn Tilton flew to Detroit to try to improve sales at one of her auto-parts companies. She got a cool reception from Ford Motor Co.’s purchasing chief, Tony Brown, who asked if she was like other private-equity chiefs that “strip and flip” their companies.

“You must be mistaken,” she shot back. “It’s only men that I strip and flip. My companies I hold long and close to my heart.”  Read more about Lynn Tilton in the Wall Street Journal.  I’d guess Lynn made their top ten list of stories that day. Male readers (and probably females too) were probably either wishing to date her or do some business.

This is a woman to know. Underestimate  her at your peril. I’d  love to have a nanny cam to see the faces of the men getting a quick attitude adjustment after an encounter with her! A Lynn Tilton for President movement can’t be too far away, can it? Love the shoes.

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