To Sell Content Marketing Services, Stop Selling Ads & Start Selling Outcomes

David LeskuskyDavid Leskusky, President, NAPCO Media offers some very sound advice. Focusing on what the client wants is the gateway to a rewarding experience. He has some helpful guidelines he calls MAP IT.

These may seem obvious and common sense, but all to often the obvious and common sense are missing in action. Following the MAP IT checklist eliminates a lot of guesswork and has the great advantage of helping to distinguish company assets that may have been overlooked.

What vertical markets is your client targeting — retail, healthcare, finance, insurance, non-profit, etc.?

Does your client currently have content marketing assets such as white papers, video, infographics, case studies or native ads? If not, can we help them create and distribute assets?

What products will the client be focusing on during the current budget cycle? Who are the product managers? Who controls budget? What information can the client share on these products?

Key initiatives, goals, new product releases, key business news, budget focus.

Titles/Job Functions
Who is the desired target of your client’s marketing message — C-level management, marketing, IT, HR? Do we have access to those titles within the vertical markets we serve?

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We all remember the story about the invention of post it notes, don’t we?


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