7 Types of Web Videos that Work for Businesses

By Chris Sturk

Today’s new media landscape can be utilized to better serve your business

Have you embraced new technologies and trends within the online publishing environment?

By now we’ve all heard about the benefits of online components like social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all utilized to build closer relationships and portray a sense of transparency. Yet, the technology that can be used and shared on these social platforms is often overlooked.

I am of course talking about the inclusion of online video throughout the digital landscape – from blogs to social networks and beyond.

Web videos help to aid in the social and relationship building process. They are widely viewed by the online community because they bring a visual component to content. It seems only natural to embrace web video, as it provides audio and visual components to create a more humanly experience.

Are you already using web videos online? If so, how are you doing it? What video types have you been embracing to adequately serve your business?

Patrick Hughes, New Media Producer at Mequoda Group, has created a list of seven video types that can be used to assist online businesses.

Seven video types for online business

Video type #1: Product demo videos – If you are an online publisher or content marketer with a lot of products, video demos might be a great solution in generating more revenue. Most potential buyers want to see how something works before they purchase it. Video is the savior in this process, as it is otherwise very difficult to provide demonstrations online without video.

Video type #2: Promotional videos – Sales letters and pictures can help in selling a product, but they can only present so much. A video can aid in the sales process by showcasing the product or service and generate a personal connection.

Video type #3: Training videos (external & internal) – As stated, training videos can be used internally or externally, to train employees or clients. If your business deals with strategies or processes that have a visual component, video can greatly help in the teaching process.

Video type #4: Quick, fun viral videos – These type of web videos can help show a different side to your organization. Plus, you never know when something will go viral – which leads to a lot of brand visibility.

Video type #5: Staff videos – As another way to build relationships and show transparency, staff videos help show the public who your company is from the inside out.

Video type #6: Podcasts or video blogs – Online publishers are quite accustomed to presenting content through the written word. To change the pace and reach additional audience members on another level, video podcasts or video blogs can be used as a premium content format.

Video type #7: Testimonials – Video testimonials are great to shoot at live events. Start by finding someone willing to speak in front of the camera, and then capture their first-hand account of the event as it’s completely fresh in their mind. These testimonials can be used as promotional materials for future events with similar topics.

If you want to learn more about these seven video types, and have the opportunity to ask questions to Mequoda’s New Media Producer Patrick Hughes, join us for our upcoming Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar.