What Every POS System Should Have – Free Guide

What Every POS System Should Have – Free Guide


As per our conversation, I have put together some brochures of various hardware and software for POS system need of your client.  Just click on the links below to view them.  I recommend Keystroke POS because of inventory control, time clock, customer tracking, history tracking, reporting, sales/sales tax reporting, label printing, database maintenance, time clock and etc..  In addition, as I explained we use a remote access software to help you on training or questions that may arise in future. 

Brochures (Software):
Keystroke Brochure (Software): http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/Keystroke.pdf
Cash Register Express (Software): http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/CashRegisterExpress.pdf

Brochures (Hardwares):
All in one Touch Computer: http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/PioneerPOS_SLine.pdf
Scanner Orbit: http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/Scanner_MS7120.pdf
Scanner Voyager GS: http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/Scanner_MS9590.pdf
Scanner Voyager: http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/Scanner_Voyager.pdf
Cash Drawer Image: http://www.cashandcredit.com/images/CF-405.jpg
Zebra Label Printers: http://www.cashandcredit.com/brochures/Zebra_2824.pdf

Credit Card & Gift Processing
Gift Card acceptance program delivers everything merchants need to generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain.

Credit Card Processing with MPS: http://www.cashandcredit.com/creditcards.html#mps_cc
FREE Gift Card Processing with MPS: http://www.cashandcredit.com/creditcards.html#mps_gc

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