Biomaterials Living Clothing And Off The Rack

Lining Yao's Living ClothingLining Yao has demonstrated how bacteria-powered clothing can respond to the body’s needs.

She has, in effect, created living clothes, ones that react in real time to heat and sweat mapping with tiny vents that would curl open or flatten closed as exertion levels demanded.

That’s a pretty awesome avenue of inquiry. You can read more about how¬†designer and MIT PhD candidate Lining Yao’s work utilizes novel materials and interfaces.

Yao inserts her genius in the biological cycle, and applies it to merging the interactions humans have with computers and materials. The result is clothing that’s alive. I can’t wait¬†until I can program my I-phone Siri to check in with my closet to find out which of my shirts wants to be worn most that day.