Smart Phone Sensor Preception

If the idea is that certain properties of a system do not change when it undergoes a transformation, don’t we still need an observer to confirm the symmetry?

What if there is a consciousness that creates, catalogs, defines and operates the properties and symmetries of all systems. Sounds a lot like how end users inter act with the app store.

There are apps for almost everything and the list grows by the moment.  A desired experience is rendered from the combination of the properties of the application and the perception of the observer or the end user. Can you say, ‘tea, earl grey, hot’?

Well, your smart phone is about to get a lot smarter. UC Riverside researchers are developing technology to run apps that will measure the air quality, detect bio hazards, the freshness of your produce or even the state of your health. Read the story of Star Trek technology coming to your fingertips courtesy of Nosang Myung, professor of chemical and environmental engineering. .


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