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Great bullet points at the end of Ira Blacker’s article

on using Pinterest for part of your business marketing strategy. When you think about it, every result has a corresponding image that lives in the beholder’s eye.

The first thing you need is a worthy image and one that may interest others who will like it enough in order to “re pin” it on their Pinterest page. Re pins are the same as when someone re tweets your post on Twitter or re posts your blog on LinkedIn. It provides your original post with more “Google juice.” Google especially likes to see the original post, image or blog gain momentum from reposting or commentary from others as this enhances your “Google Authorship.” There are two ways to find quality images, either by finding some on the web or creating your own via your photography or Photoshop skills.

Once you have found an appropriate image, it can be uploaded to Pinterest on its own or as part of your blog as I regularly do. Browser plug-ins such as “Add-This” and others support a one click add of your blog image to Pinterest or you can simply upload one via the Pinterest web.  Once uploaded there are several things you then need do in order to “market” your image.

  • Create a “board” and name it for your important keyword such as “my books.” (You can create several boards)
  • “Curate” some other great pins from others in order to provide your boards with great content.
  • Start uploading your own unique pins
  • Add a link to your web or blog.
  • Add tags via “hash tags” such as #books
  • Place a description as to the content of your blog/web page/about…
  • Use keywords related to your brand in the description
  • Use other social media sites to promote your pins on Pinterest. Tweet your pin, etc.
  • Embed the Pinterest button on your web or blog so that “pinnable content” makes it easy and inviting for others.
  • Follow other’s boards in order to encourage them to follow yours and say thank you when your images are “re-pinned” by others.
  • Take advantage of the new “Business Page” from Pinterest which will give you more tools and help with your overall branding.
  • Create attractive coupons for offers you have as a pin.
  • You now can add “animated gif” images as pins. It is sort of like a mini trailer or video.

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