Online Tools For Your Online Business

By Chris Sturk

Examples of how to use online tools as partners for your online business

Developing partnerships makes life much easier, especially when you’re operating an online business.

Let’s be honest, a content-based business needs a lot of attention to become successful, especially with the massive amounts of competition found on the Internet today.

At the SES Conference in New York City, Jim Boykin, CEO of WeBuildPages, shared an array of Internet-based tools. Some of these tools help determine competition or potential partners, while others are used to streamline the content you produce and publish. Either way, these tools can be used to help dramatically improve the overall experience users will have with your brand and website.

6 Tools for Successful Online Businesses

#1 – Xenu Broken Link Report: This tool crawls your entire website and shows if you have any broken links and where they are located. Broken links can negatively impact your reputation with searchers and harm your authority within search engines.

#2 – ClickTale: This tool allows you to see where the average person clicks on your website. It incorporates heat maps that show how far down the page your audience typically scrolls. This data can help you place content and ads in the most effective manner.

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#3 – Sitonomy: This tool can show you the affiliate programs your competitors are involved in. You can then attempt to create similar programs if desired.

#4 – Jigsaw: This tool will help you find the important people within an organization. If you know your market and have interest in partnering with a specific company, this website can help in the process of contacting the right individual for your inquiry.

#5 – Twitturly: This tool tracks and ranks the URLs of websites people are talking about. If you have anything in common with those popular websites, you can leverage your own content around it, in hopes of getting new followers.

#6 – Social Mention: This tool will help you find specific topics and the top users associated with them within Twitter. This information will allow you to engage with the most relevant users while participating in conversations that may ultimately increase brand awareness.

These six examples are ways online publishers or content marketers can use Internet-based technology as partnerships to help find potential content synergies, competitors in your market and tools for monitoring your own content.

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