How We Feel Is Completely Our Choice

Just read a post by Jeffery Gitomer that reminded me that the context is always decisive.

Everybody’s dealing with uncertain circumstances. Some of us are constrained by them. Many of our clients and customers are frozen like a deer in headlights or at best, waiting for ‘something’ to let them know it’s time to act.

Here’s a newsflash – It’s always time to act. The question is, what actions are appropriate, necessary and strategic? The answers to that question depend largely on who we’re ‘being’ in our businesses.  Are our actions consistent with our vision, mission, policies, procedures and practices?

Companies that have developed those elements are always in much better shape no matter what the circumstances.

It’s always time to serve someone. How we do that is what enlivens our day, our business and our lives. Jeffery reminded me that we don’t have to be in agreement about our circumstances nor do we have to make them so significant that we withold our products, services, or our personality and our gift from our customers or prospects.  I think it’s time to make some calls.

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