How Brain Science May Change The Way We Shop

O, The Oprah Magazine, has an article written by Tim Jarvis in the mindwise section titled, The Brain Age. The article explores how “cutting-edge neuroscience has escaped from the lab and is suddenly showing up everywhere.

One bit of research peaked my interest. Early research shows that when we consider buying something, one consideration seems to trump the rest: how the product will affect our social standing and the way others perceive us. I found it interesting that “Keeping Up With The Jones'” still impacts our buying decisions. That can be problematic when the intrinsic value out of being healthy gets short changed in service of being “cool”.

Conversely, the continued growth of the natural products industry, organic farming and the self help industry demonstrates the social capital associated with playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

That begs the question, “How will your business meet the challenges of Marketing Healthy Living?”  How we live, learn, play and grow are the fundamentals of Healthy Living.

Five predictions on how brain science may change the way we live include: Neurolongevity, Neuroentertainment, Neuroeducation, Neurofitness and Neurospirituality.

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