Formatting Tips for Mobile Devices

´╗┐Formatting Tips For Mobile Devices
Guides, Standards and Best Practices

We recently introduced the capability to create special content in ECN for mobile devices.

When creating content, you can now create HTML, text, and mobile content in the same screen.

Below are some handy tips to keep in mind when creating content to be read on a mobile device:

Suggested Tips & Tricks for Creating a Mobile Email

  • Email Width: 320 pixels
  • Font Size: 8pt
  • Subject Lines: Use short subjects such as Action Item; Reminder, etc.
  • Hyperlinks: Keep full URLs; don’t hyperlink names of people or places
  • Headers: Use a text only header
  • Copy: Use the first 100 characters (20-25 words) to get your point across
  • Images: Place images below header text

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