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I came across this excerpt in a review about a new report about email from MarketingSherpa – it’s the PERFECT demonstration of Easy, Engaging and Effective!!  SWEET!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Email marketers continue to struggle with the challenge of delivering highly relevant content to their target audiences. Developing a sufficient amount of content is a time-intensive process that many marketers do not have the resources to produce. While relevancy will be the most significant challenge to email marketing effectiveness in 2011, there is a range of second tier issues

Most Significant Challenges To Email Marketing Effectiveness, By Primary Channel
Obstacle Business channel (B2B) Consumer channel (B2C) Both channels (B2B2C)
Targeting recipients with highly relevant content 68% 66% 56%
Quantifying email marketing ROI 44 37 44
Improving email deliverability 41 39 31
Getting people to opt-in to email lists 40 46 42
Legitimate email being perceived as spam 38 35 36
Lack of an effective email marketing strategy 33% 33 40
Source: MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, December 2010

The popular use of an email marketing tactic does not always reflect its effectiveness, says the report. For example, that the tactic of segmenting email campaigns based on behavior is used more often than automatically sending email based on triggers, which is more effective and less difficult to implement.

Three Dimensions Of Relevancy Tactics: Effectiveness, Difficulty And Use
  Approximate % of Difficulty/Effectiveness (100% = Most Difficult)
Usage Degree of Difficulty Level of Effectiveness
Automatically send email based on triggers



Segmented email campaigns based on behavior



Segmented email campaigns based on sales cycle



Dynamic personalized email content



Allowed subscribers to specify email preferences



Source: MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, December 2010

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