Does Your Natural Products Business Meet The 7 Benefits Customers Seek?

Customers want to know “what’s in it for me?” How well does your business meet the 7 benefits of doing business with a natural product retailer? How well are you positioned in your customer’s mind? Early research shows that when we consider buying something, one consideration seems to trump the rest: how the product will affect our social standing and the way others perceive us

Your success requires compelling consumer education. Tell your health story. Customers are time starved. Nutrition News is a quick read. One of the 7 benefits – saves time, or gives the experience of time well spent.

Customers who know more buy more and, they buy more often.  Another benefit, Nutrition News educates.  It confers third party expertise on your store and makes you a trusted resource in your community.

The State of New York enjoyed a $10 return for every $1 they invested in general consumer health education.

Retailers who use Nutrition News for customer education find that a Nutrition News newsletter,  pays for itself after only 1% to 2% of the copies generate a store’s average sale. Another benefit, profit and leverage

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