CyberBabe To Attend Upcoming ASC Summit

My wife who has very little comprehension of what I’ve been doing for the past year with the most incredible group of Web 2.0 Yodas, but she likes how excited and single focused I’ve been. (All I talk about is that we finally have a plan and an engine to optimize 32 years of health and nutrition content at and Nutrition

I’m taking her to Las Vegas for the ASC Summit. She’s going to see first hand how she will soon be able to work herself out of some jobs, and to introduce her to some of the folks who have been so supportive and generous to me.

We have to spend some time together putting this thing into our calendars and begin working our monthly production schedule into our posts.

I’m creating the possibility of meeting a webmaster who can take over some of the control panel operations and help manage widgets.

The other possibility is for SD to become present to compelling games to play. Instead of choosing “cyberbabe”as an ironic gesture, I have it that she was merely prescient.

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