Creating the Perfect Digital Magazine

9 characteristics of the perfect digital magazine

#1 – Digital magazines should be linear: All issues contain a table of contents, are read front to back and include a series of articles.

#2 – Digital magazines should be finite: They have a beginning and an end – readers can experience a sense of accomplishment by finishing a magazine.

#3 – Digital magazines should be periodic: There is a natural, organic frequency designated by the audience’s desire to consume the associated content.

#4 – Digital magazines should be cohesive: Editors collect the most interesting and relevant content to supply audience members with a unified collection of articles.

#5 – Digital magazines should be portable: Readers can take their favorite issues with them where ever they go.

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#6 – Digital magazines should be textual: The main component of magazine articles will always be the written word; photographs are additional enhancements to the content.

#7 – Digital magazines should be collectable: Readers like to own the content they pay for.

#8 – Digital magazines shouldn’t be limited by platform: Consumers of digital magazines will want to access content through multiple mediums, from laptops and desktops to tablets.

#9 – Digital magazines should be searchable: Publishers should build companion subscription websites where they can disaggregate all digital magazine content and create a searchable HTML database of editorial content.

How important do you think these nine characteristics are to a fundamental digital magazine?

How about the requirements I listed in yesterday’s post regarding digital magazine publishing security, ownership options and pricing terms?


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