8 Nifty Tools In My Copywriting Tookit

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There are resources for getting ideas on what to write and lots of resources to stimulate a creative writing environment, including motivational resources in the pleasure (for kitten lovers at least) and pain variety. There’s a Thesaurus app of course. The one app that’s most directly related to writing is the Hemmingway app. A ruthless editor but it  will quickly turn any long sentence into a version of, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”.

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea what I’ve been missing. .

A Design Tools Survey

Sailing in the whirlwind of content creation and content optimization, it’s essential to use tools to help with the workflow and keep from drowning in irrelevant detail. Here are some places to start when considering what works best for your process.

Khoi Vinh recently released his inaugural design tools survey. Vinh has been following the tools ecosystem for some time. The survey focuses on six tasks designers manage: brainstorming, wireframing, interface design, prototyping, project management, and version control and file management.

The heart of the survey asked participants to report on their favorite tools for each of six major design tasks.

Check out the results.  Design Tool Categories

4 Visual Tactics For White Paper Design

Visual StorytellingThanks to Jon Salm on Visually.

Be sure to check out NewsCred’s fantastic Power of Visual Storytelling white paper is interactive both on web browsers and tablets, where you can click, tap, and swipe your way to become an content marketing maven.

Great examples of content design and marketing from the perspective of the user. Relevance and subscriber delight go hand in hand when content and design serve the reader.