Are You The Webmaster Yoda We’re Looking For?

We are expanding our capacity to provide relevant health and lifestyle communications to a growing list of opt-in readers.

In order to massively over deliver on our reader’s expectations, we require a number of web enabled forms and templates. These will be in both html and pdf formats.

These forms will integrate into our accounting, marketing, client relations and research and publishing communications where appropriate. Some will be available both on and off line.

We are building a library of documents, forms and templates based on CSS, Widgets and Plugins.

Some of these will link to our client files, inventory items, shopping cart and marketing and pr communications. Many of these will be part of our auto responder sequences.

We are looking for someone with a moderate level of mastery of WordPress.

We’re looking for someone to help us create a uniquely singular user experience of Nutrition News. We want every message, at every contact point, in every media, every time, to leave the reader with an expanded capacity for being healthy.

This means the skills to insert ad blocks, affiliate links, load images, create pages, insert widgets, integrate video, audio and text files.

We want someone who can quickly and easily create, edit and test these forms and pages. We will be testing each form and measuring the results. The results will tell us what the next revision will be.

We want to document how these forms and documents are created as well. This will involve the use of Camtasia studio.

We are implementing newly designed content optimization strategies based on our ongoing industry and market research.

In a Web 2.0 world everyone is either a competitor, collaborator or content creator. If you have an opinion or a preference, you’re a player.

If on the other hand, you’re an access to a possibility, competition is meaningless. Relevance is. Especially regarding health.

For example, you and everybody else already know how to lose weight. Diet and Exercise. Right? If knowing was the only thing that mattered, we’d all be thinner and fitter.

It’s in the areas where we don’t know what we “don’t know” that the impossible becomes possible. It’s where our blind spots live. It’s where we run into the same obstacles no matter what we do.

Like Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. He’s saying the Context Is Decisive.

Nutrition News is the context for playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game. Come play with us.

We offer exceptionally compelling health content. We publish both print and digital formats that showcase our ability to influence healthy behaviors.

In each Nutrition News there are no less than three tips, tools or new learnings that can impact your health and your life.

If you’re the kind of person who breathes these technical nuts and bolts, or who finds this so ridiculously easy that you can’t help but share your encyclopedic knowledge, or you want to be part of a world transforming process, we invite you to play The “Is It Healthy?” Game with us.

Everybody Who Plays Wins.

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