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Welcome to Driving With Slippers – How I Turned A Great Idea Into A Financial Juggernaut In Only 30 Short Years.

We’ve all had great ideas that were never realized. Often it seems we find that over time, what seemed like a good idea, has lost it’s power to captivate, motivate or transform us.

We had a Really Great Idea. Our idea is to live in a world where everyone plays a game. We’ve invented a game all about Optimal Health. It’s a really simple game and anyone can play. It’s called the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

The basic concept is: How Many – How Much and How Fast can we expand our capacity to create, experience, share and enjoy Optimal Health? Let’s face it. If we’re not in a state of health, we’re in decline.

The Context Is Decisive. By context, I mean a space for something to occur in, show up.

We’re nearing a tipping point where health and thriving overtake scarcity and survival. Playing “The Is It Healthy? Game” is a powerful global context for love, power and accomplishment.

If such a world existed where optimal health was the decisive context, it would reason that the what ignited the spark that led to a context for health was conversations.

For conversations to be powerful enough to inspire and transform, they must be woven into the fabric of our relationships.

We invented a place to play the game. It’s called AboutNutritionNews.com. If you go there right now, you’ll see the beginnings of that financial juggernaut I talked about.

Driving With Slippers is where I’m documenting the development of the Policies, Procedures and Processes we’re creating to facilitate playing a global health game at AboutNutritionNews.com

Imagine for just a moment, all the ways you could measure Optimal Health. What kind of choices will you be making? What will others hear when you speak your declarations and commitments? By doing so, you grant others permission to do the same. That’s real power.

Driving With Slippers came to be out of a desire to document the tools, tips, steps, and processes that showcase the road map we’re using to invent the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

In this space I’ll be distinguishing the measures, choices, resources and declarations that are the back story to how we reinvented Nutrition News and introduced the “The Is It Healthy? Game” to the world.

2 thoughts on “About Driving With Slippers

  1. Since the “Is It Healthy? Game” is a global phenomenon, it follows that a framework is required. This framework is under development. We’re implementing certain strategies and the appropriate web tools. We’re doing this to make your experience of playing this game rich, provocative, satisfying and inspiring.

  2. Hi,

    I’m trying to find out how I can get access to older copies of your newsletters.. In particular you had one about Emotions and Nutrition that had a dial on the cover with words in in like stress, anxiety, etc.

    Is there a way to get copies of these older newsletters? I got it at my local Lakeshore Natural Food store in Oakland and would like to get another copy.

    Thank you!
    Mary Lonergan

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