A New Metric

We have lots of domain names registered. Since we didn’t know to have them point to our website, we don’t know if any of them generated any traffic or not.

Spent a little time Editing the DNS of most of our domains. This will be our first stat. We’ll begin tracking url traffic each week.

Also took advantage of a great video tutorial on the Authority Site Center
This is a community of creative and exceptionally talented internet marketers and site developers share freely and generously.

The video tutorial was about how to back up our website to our own server.
I had been worrying about how to back up and I was going to figure it out and make make the video. Turns out, they were way ahead of me. The training videos and tutorials are just amazing.

I’m such a newbie at this stuff, I had no idea what to do and didn’t want to make a mistake. After keeping that secret for a couple of weeks, I talked about it, and within moments, I saw the link to the video by David Olsen and a screen shot explanation of each step in the process by tecHead

Now that’s complete! I’m thrilled to have a reliable and simple procedure to add to our operating state.

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