5 Tips to Bring New Life to Your Social Profiles


social media how toWhen was the last time you updated your social media profiles?


Are they starting to feel drab or dated?


Your social profiles may be in dire need of a refresh!


And are you sharing the types of updates tailored to the latest platform designs and suited for today’s social media marketing?


With recent changes to major platforms, you may be missing out on using some of the cool new options.


To freshen up your social media profiles and take advantage of the latest updates, implement any of the following five ideas.


#1: Optimize Your Google+ Profile for the Platform’s New Design


Google+ social profiles were recently redesigned. This represents a great opportunity to freshen up your Google+ profile and review your Google+ content strategy!


new google plus design

The new Google+ design features 1, 2 or 3 columns of content, depending on the device being used.




Here are a few tweaks you can make to spice up your new Google+ profile.


Add a new high-resolution cover image. The current Google+ design standards require an image that’s at least 480×270 pixels. However, since these images can be blown up for much larger display sizes in some browsers, this is a great opportunity to update your profile with a new high-resolution photo.


Add larger media to the items you post. Some picture and video “cards” (Google-speak for the individual items that appear in the stream) display across multiple columns, giving users greater exposure to them. While visitors can’t control which items appear wider than others, you can increase your odds of having your content featured by changing the size of the images and videos you share to be at least 480×270 pixels.


Here’s an example from HubSpot:


full width google plus

This image demonstrates what a full-width card looks like in the new Google+.


Add images to every post. The new Google+ design is all about visual content, so give Google what it wants by adding pictures or video files to every update you post. Visuals are a great way to make your profile appear more lively and engaging.


You’ll be taking advantage of the new features available with the new Google+ design and your profile will stand out above the others.


#2: Add Media to Your LinkedIn Profile


In December of last year, LinkedIn started rolling out the ability to add photos, videos and other types of rich media to profiles. But few eligible users are currently taking advantage of this opportunity!


If you’re serious about adding punch to both your personal and professional social profiles, adding media to your LinkedIn profile is an easy way to do it.


To see if you have access to these features, log into your profile and click the pencil icon found in the Edit Profile area of your Summary, Expertise and Experience sections. If you see a small icon labeled “Add Media,” you’ll be able to add rich media to create a freshened up professional profile on LinkedIn.


linkedin feature

Note – LinkedIn is still rolling out this feature. If you don’t have access yet, be patient!


You’ll want to add some relevant rich media elements to your LinkedIn profile to look good and stand out.


#3: Add a Header Graphic to Your Twitter Feed


Twitter profile headers have been available for quite a while, though the large number of plain grey rectangles still evident on user profiles indicates that this feature hasn’t yet been widely adopted.


To give your Twitter profile a quick graphic boost, create a custom header that communicates your personality or your brand’s messaging. Here’s an example of a fun header graphic.


coca cola twitter header

Coca Cola’s Twitter header combines images and popular brand iconography.


If you’d like to create your own Twitter header to freshen up your profile, check out the free Twitter Header Creator tool.


Make sure you’re Twitter profile page looks good and add an engaging header image.


#4: Upgrade to the “New Look” on Pinterest


Social media users have noted that Google+’s latest redesign makes it look more like Pinterest. And Pinterest has moved forward with its own redesign. Its new design features simplified navigation, larger “pins” and enhanced social sharing tools – elements that are bound to please users.


What’s interesting, though, is that instead of rolling out the new look to all users, it’s currently offered on an opt-in basis. To gain access to these features, you’ll need to click the Get it Now button that appears at the top of your profile upon login.


pinterest get it now button

To view Pinterest’s new look, click the red Get it Now button that appears upon login.


Because updating only changes the way your profile looks to you, why bother taking this step, and how does it allow you to freshen up your own profile?


What’s special about the site’s redesign is how easy it makes the discovery of new Pinterest boards and pinners. By upgrading to the new look, you’ll be able to form new connections and source even more interesting pins, making your own profile a more interesting resource for your followers.


You’ll want to update your Pinterest experience by adopting the new design.


#5: Use Twitter Vines to Bring New Life to Your Account


One final way to freshen up your social profiles is to introduce Vine videos to your Twitter feed.


Vine videos are quick, looping videos that consist of six seconds maximum of video and audio content. As an example, take the popular “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” Vine – a recent viral success:


vine video of ryan gosling

This popular Vine shows how effective six seconds of film can be in connecting with your audience.


Making Vine videos doesn’t require much time or money, as six seconds isn’t nearly enough time to develop a complex storyline or plot.


Create your own Vine video as a fast and easy way to freshen up your Twitter feed and engage your audience with visual content.


Your Turn


Use these five creative ways to make your social profiles more appealing today. Social interaction will continue to evolve around your social profiles, so remember to keep an eye open for the next design changes and new ways to share engaging content.


What do you think? Can you think of any other ways to freshen up a boring, out-of-date social profile? Share your tips and recommendations in the comments below!


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