Biomaterials Living Clothing And Off The Rack

Lining Yao's Living ClothingLining Yao has demonstrated how bacteria-powered clothing can respond to the body’s needs.

She has, in effect, created living clothes, ones that react in real time to heat and sweat mapping with tiny vents that would curl open or flatten closed as exertion levels demanded.

That’s a pretty awesome avenue of inquiry. You can read more about how designer and MIT PhD candidate Lining Yao’s work utilizes novel materials and interfaces.

Yao inserts her genius in the biological cycle, and applies it to merging the interactions humans have with computers and materials. The result is clothing that’s alive. I can’t wait until I can program my I-phone Siri to check in with my closet to find out which of my shirts wants to be worn most that day.

Cheesehead TV Streams to Fans Live From Packers Training Camp Live StreamingI have to give a nod of thanks for Streaming Media‘s issue on Companies Crushing It In Online Video. As a huge fan of  video content but mostly clueless about most of the stuff in the magazine each month, the October 2015 issue made my little grey cells finally tumble into place.

A fantastic article by  co founder of shows how one video site brought the circus-like atmosphere of Green Bay Packers training camp to thousands of die-hard fans, with tips for successful multicamera streaming.

As Corey says, ” I was intrigued by the potential to switch a show from an iPad. As a live broadcast producer, the notion of wireless streaming via multiple wireless devices sounded daunting (and just a little bit crazy), but I knew there had to be multiple use cases where this technology could have a big impact, and in some instances, even make it feasible to produce a show that would’ve been impossible otherwise.” Broadcasting Location Gear Set Up

That’s just what I have in mind for the Riverside Food Systems Alliance. Corey maps out the process, the gear and shares what he’s learned. It’s a pretty cool story. Thanks for dropping those breadcrumbs for the rest of us to follow. It’s greatly appreciated.

8 Nifty Tools In My Copywriting Tookit

Early Writing ToolsDanielle Cantor posted about 8 Nifty Tools In My Copywriting Tookit on Target Marketing Magazines Creative Caffeine

There are resources for getting ideas on what to write and lots of resources to stimulate a creative writing environment, including motivational resources in the pleasure (for kitten lovers at least) and pain variety. There’s a Thesaurus app of course. The one app that’s most directly related to writing is the Hemmingway app. A ruthless editor but it  will quickly turn any long sentence into a version of, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”.

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea what I’ve been missing. .

Tracking Web Users: Confusing Consumers For Profit?

Cartoon Man With Magnifying Glass Viewing Man Viewing ComputerThere’s a lot we take for granted in our web browsing. There’s all that tracking of where we go and what we do – even if we do nothing. And don’t get me started on privacy policies, terms and conditions and all the other ridiculously long scrolling admonitions we often agree to with a knee-jerk response to end the tedium and get on with what we came for.

Nate Cordozo has an excellent story about this on Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s site. If a business model wouldn’t work if users had to opt in, it deserves to fail. Maybe if we flipped the funnel so to speak, we’d get a far better web user experience. If every site had a default “NO Tracking” setting, we’d start to reassert some autonomy of our virtual lives.

Then again, maybe that’s the point. The more we get used to ‘sharing’ everything in our virtual world, and I use that term loosely, then we’ll be used to submitting to all sorts of other practices, policies and laws designed to constrain what we as free humans can do .

When do you think the last time that “This call is being recorded for training and customer service” actually resulted in either? Why should we think web tracking will be any different?

Evergreen Content Ideas That Get Results

Lifetime Value Of A Blog PostA great post by Graham Charlton came across my desk that opened up some new possibilities for maximizing the lifetime value of content.

Check out the 14 examples of evergreen content formats that work wonders.

Here’s some other interesting metrics on content value in a new study titled “Lifetime Value of a Blog Post” that uncovers some surprising information about  the full value of blog content.