Email Continues To Play Large Part In Small Business Marketing

Recent research from SocialTwist found that, even in this age of social media and networking, email is the top method by which Internet users share information.

Maybe that’s because most of us are all too familiar with  using it. Even with the scourge of spam, sometimes it’s easier to sort through than all the “updates” from friends on social networking sites.

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W3C Standard Facilitates Information Management, Integration

Mammoth_Pat1OWL 2 Connects the Web of Knowledge with the Web of Data

Today W3C announces a new version of a standard for representing knowledge on the Web. OWL 2, part of W3C’s Semantic Web toolkit, allows people to capture their knowledge about a particular domain (say, energy or medicine) and then use tools to manage information, search through it, and learn more from it. Furthermore, as an open standard based on Web technology, it lowers the cost of merging knowledge from multiple domains.