Health: New Spam Concern?

Now the elderly and/or ill have another concern: spam. According to the latest information from Symantec’s MessageLabs, health information websites have been targeted by short URL spam.

Short URL spam is one of the new, and now leading, concerns for spam. The fact that short URL spammers are targeting health sites is a double edged sword: not only are those concerned with health at risk of being tricked but legitimate health sites’ reputations could be harmed.

90% Of Younger Set Watching Online Video

In the vein of ‘everyone is doing it – and so am I’, research from Pew’s Internet and American Life Project finds that 90% of young adults are watching videos and/or using video sharing websites. The study finds that 35% of all online consumers are now watching online video content.

According to research from Nielsen Online, the video audience can’t get enough. Read what  Kristina Knight has to say in Biz Report.