Thanks For The Inspiration

Miss seeing you at Mastery. It’s a stretch. We’re operating on fumes and our Word in the matter. We’re negotiating two book projects and attracting sponsors. This is causing me to become extremely clear and enrolling around what we’re committed to.

One book is a cookbook about Japanese food. I have the Japanese Consulate’s endorsement and willingness to make introductions to sponsors. It’s a Chicken Soup For The Soul Meets Iron Chef with a twist.

The other one is about How To Buy Nutritional Supplements. We have the book outline. Working on clarifying our enrollment conversation.

That’s part of what this is all about. Social media. Saw your profile, Mastery connection, Word In The Matter, sponsors showing up, money in the door. That’s the plan.

Hope to see you at Mastery and that you’re living your dreams.

Personalize Web Experience For Big Spenders

According to research by The Center For Media Research, personalizing your customer’s experience pays off. Relevant messaging coupled with a customer driven delivery of those messages according to customer preferences, ranks high most wanted enhancements to the online shopper’s customer experience. These folks admit they are swayed by brands. This is what else they said they wanted:

Other personalization suggestions from the respondents include:

  • 71% of the consumers believe that personalization would improve their experience in social networking by introducing them to other members with similar interests and preferences.
  • Interest in personalized ads is strongest online and on television. A large majority 72% of consumers are interested in personalized advertising distributed through their television
  • 73% interested in Online distribution of personalized advertising
  • 35% are interested in personalization on their mobile device
  • 45% of consumers reported receiving personalized recommendations that were a poor match based on their tastes and interests in 2008

Respondents were US adult internet users, 95% of whom have made at least one online purchase within the past year, who were distributed across 4 age categories (18-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50+). They were 54% female and 46% male.

To access the PDF report on the Study, please visit ChoiceStream here.