5 Fashion Emergencies Every Guy Can Handle

We’ve all had some version of a fashion catastrophe. Maybe you rode the subway to a wedding in your sharp suit and danced your butt off before realizing the crotch seam was split nearly to your belt line.  Or maybe you just spilled coffee on a tie, or those rips or tears came from diving in front of a bus to save those scalped tickets to the final four.

Whatever your most embarrassing fashion traumas, what to do in case the inevitable happens  is just right for us guys.  It involves tools – staplers, paper clips, tape – basically anything MacGuyver would use is ok.

I’m a little old school. I still carry a needle and thread because I had to master certain skills before I could be trusted to manage the rest of my life. So hat’s off to Men’s Health for telling guys something their mothers likely won’t.

The Gratitute Dance

Got a little reminder this morning. Maybe you’ll appreciate it as well. Enjoy the Gratitude Dance

The GratiDudes started a movement aimed at having us all remember that
gratitude is a good way to ease the stress and create a moment or two of joy.
Oprah calls gratitude the single greatest thing you can do to change your life immediately.
Even science confirms that gratitude is good medicine:
– Daily communication of gratitude makes you 25% happier
– It strengthens your immune system
– It helps balance your blood pressure and heart rate
– It eliminates depression
Pretty great, eh?
You can even amplify those good feelings in you adding generosity to the mix and
helping someone else.
If you’re interested, here’s an option: The I AM GRATEFUL Project.
AquaMantra partnered with Nourish America and launched the I AM GRATEFUL Project to
help us focus on gratitude and to see how many hungry kids in America we can all nourish this
holiday season—Because kids living in poverty need better health and well-being to face the
challenges ahead.
Got five bucks? With just $5, you can nourish 50 children – and feel good that you helped.