I Phone Unlocking Video Hits Web

Is this milestone event really all that surprising?  What would a world be like where the data distribution networks were free for everyone. Where the design outcome is instant access and seemless quality – anywhere on the planet – even an airplane.  What could we create if our passions, dreams and commitments found kindred spirits around the world? What if instead of using our networks to spy and infringe on our personal liberty, we demanded our rights to our own networks and distribution policies.

Weekly Likely Story

Our catalog of newsletter titles will be complete for our web store. This will give us the ability to begin testing the e-commerce and shopping cart. We will have an image library for newsletter covers.

We will have two additional job descriptions ready to post. We will have mapped out a checklist for categorizing content: print and digital, the filing structure print and digital.

Our first draft of a joint venture letter to other magazine publishers is complete.

We will have researched web recording services and selected one to test for our Consumer’s Guide.